O.L.D. achieve Fit for Nuclear status


Leicestershire-based world-class provider of CNC precision-machined parts, O.L.D. Engineering have declared their Fit for Nuclear (F4N) status. 

F4N is a unique service to help UK manufacturing companies get ready to bid for work in the civil nuclear supply chain.

Additionally, F4N lets companies measure their operations against the standards required to supply the nuclear industry – in new build, operations and decommissioning – and take the necessary steps to close any gaps.

O.L.D. has been working on achieving F4N status for the past 12 months, following an audit. The auditor analysed their factory and produced an action plan designed specifically to ensure they achieve F4N status to allow them to do work within the nuclear industry. 

In turn, O.L.D. Engineering’s Continuous Improvement Manager, Chris Topp explained: “After the audit had taken place, the Nuclear AMRC (NAMRC) issued O.L.D. with a list of recommendations to align the business with the F4N Model. This has not just been a benefit to potential new business, as the improvements have also been noted by current customers. By the end of 2016, with the completion of ISO 14001 Environmental and BS OHSAS 18001 Health and Safety Accreditation’s achieved, all of the recommendations will be complete.” 

O.L.D. have comprehensive machining and sub-assembly and modern inspection facilities, they are able to offer a wide range of products, from one-off prototypes to batch runs, and produce complex components in a variety of materials using state-of-the-art multi-axis equipment. Also, O.L.D. are ISO 9001:2015 accredited and have a mature management system with rigorous processes and controls, which ensures they are a trusted supplier of quality, precision engineered components.

As part of achieving F4N status, O.L.D. will be appointed an experienced nuclear specialist to help them identify specific opportunities in the nuclear sector from NAMRC. Their specialist will help match their capabilities with current and upcoming tenders, and make sure they are in the best position to win work.

 Achieving F4N status is destined to enhance O.L.D’s reputation within the nuclear sector, as Chris concluded: “To be able to show you are F4N gives potential Customers the peace of mind that you understand the expectations involved within the industry. Already all of the hard work has paid off, by winning contracts in the decommissioning sector.” 

“I would like to thank all who work at O.L.D. for believing in a new direction for the business and to the hard work and dedication shown by all, in making O.L.D. Engineering Fit for Nuclear.” 

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